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Hardscapes & Lighting Solutions, LLC is a full service paving contractor with all of the items you need to transform your outdoor space. Outdoor living is so valuable because it deepens the enjoyment you get from your home sanctuary. Furthermore, livable outdoor spaces increase property value.

Patios and hardscapes provide a place to enjoy mother nature, share food and games with loved ones, and create memories your children will cherish. Trust us, there’s nothing like a nap with a glass of lemonade serenaded by the birds and bees. Since we want you to kick back and let your stress melt away, we specialize in all of the little touches and larger builds that create an ideal outdoor retreat.

It’s easier than you think to get started. First, simply reach out to us and tell us what you have in mind. Then, we’ll show you a selection of products that fit your budget and style. Finally, we’ll enrich your home by expanding your living space into your yard.

Paving Contractor

Paving Contractor To Create YOUR Space

Since every element of your design is important, you need a partner that understands your aesthetic. It’s also important to find a team that can work within your budget. Our design team can picture your perfect patio or create your ideal lighting solution for a price you can afford. That’s often the most important thing to homeowners and we understand that.

We also bring a personal touch to our designs. For instance, paver company will involve you in the process and guide your choices with our experience. If you aren’t sure what you need however, we can completely create a beautiful space anyone will love.

A Personalized Paving Contractor

Hardscapes & Lighting Solutions, LLC is a paving contractor that offers personalized service. Because we’re also a small business, we bring a personal touch to every customer interaction. As a result, we’ve built a reputation as reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable based on our consistent service and professionalism.

Why choose Hardscapes & Lighting? While other outdoor paving contractors  overschedule to increase profits, we value precise work. Additionally, we pay great attention to detail. Finally, we perform our work with exceptional craftsmanship. Every member of our sales, design, and installation team provides expert service with a respectful, friendly attitude.

Another benefit to hiring our team is their sense of style. While you could rely on another company to build your perfect space, we feel confident you won’t find a better company to bring your design to life.





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